Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Ship ahoy!

Hi dearies

The weekend went by really fast and now I need a vacation from it because I didn't get any time out these 2 two days. On saturday I went to IKEA to buy the furniture for my little apartment near the school I'll go to in September. It took 6h and I was dead tired after the shopping.

Yesterday was the monthly meet-up with my Lolita girls and this time we decided to ride a ship on the Neckar. The weather was quite nice for wearing Lolita since it wasn't too hot but the ride wasn't what we were expecting because they played some folk music and you couldn't even hear your own words. Also the food wasn't good either and expensive as well.
 Anyway we still had a good time since the group was really fun to be with.

After we were standing on ground again, we thought about eating some ice cream while sitting outside. There we met some nice people from south america who were very interested in our fashion  so they took a few pictures of us.
Even though the meet-up was a little different than what we imagined we still had a really good time together and lots of fun as you can see here:
on the ship

these 3 are called 'idiot-lolitas' :D

thanks again to the girls <3

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

I love Saturdays ♫♪♡

Hello dearies,

yesterday was soo~ awesome. The weather was splendid like a summer day should be and to enjoy it I went to Stuttgart which is about 40 minutes by train from my town. Well, I wasn't really lucky on the way there. The first problem occured when I wanted to buy my ticket: both ticket machines weren't working at all. Maybe they had a heat stroke? On the train I was nearly dieing cause the air con didn't work and it felt like visiting a sauna since the temperature was 30° degrees outside but luckily there was a nice porter who told us that the air con in the next rail car worked well so I changed my seat. That's what you get when traveling with the DB.

After I arrived sound and safe without any more hindrance, the great part of the evening began. My friend and I ate a huge pizza at a nice small pizzeria and then we went on to 'Sky Beach', which is a fake beach on top of a department store but only with sand, beach loungers and some kind of beds to rest on but without a pool. The sun was already rising and made the atmosphere even more cozy. Here are some pics for you

After a while we decided to switch locations and ended up in a even for Stuttgart quite expensive lounge/bar called '5'. The cocktails there were really really great! So if you ever want to visit Stuttgart, wanna go to a nice place and you have enough money in your pocket you should go there. Actually I like those exquisite places a lot since it provides really good service and fancy, exotic cocktails you don't get at an average bar and that is really nice once in a while.

To complete the evening we got some ice cream at the best store in the city. Soooo~ tasty *yumyum* I had cream caramel. The good thing is they don't use those spoons but some kind of scraper and you get a lot of ice cream like that.

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

It's all about music, isn't it?!

Ok, all I want from you right now is to listen to that beautifuuuul song:

The composer behind this is Jun Maeda, popular for Soundtracks of Anime from Key Studio like Air, Kanon and Clannad. I've always been in love with his work and this time Nagi Yanagi (former Supercell singer) joined him and together they made a nice Album '終わりの惑星のLove Song'.

Todays Recommendation: Valshe

Hello dearies

today I want to recommend you an in my eyes awesome J-Pop singer. Her name is Valshe and she is well-known for her lower range and distinctive husky voice. Actually, at first I wasn't quite sure which gender the voice belonged to but I like that most about her voice cause it's very special and you can recognize her immediately. Since the start of her career she did 2 short and one full-length album. The short albums are 'valuable sheaves' and 'storyteller', the full-length one is called 'Play the Joker' and was released at the end of February this year. I looooove~ it and had been listening to it all day long on my playlist.

Until today nobody knows what she looks like since her cover always pictures a male character:

This video contains a sample of all the songs in the album. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do

I guess that's it for today. Until next time~

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Beware of cutness~

I have to tell you I really really~ love cute things, especially from Japan. Today arrived my latest order from this shop so if you're also interested in those thingies, check it out because it's worth a visit.
I don't know why but cute stuff like pen, note pads or books always draw me in and I just can't leave them alone. Maybe that's why my wallet goes empty really fast after visiting those stores.

Well, this is what I got this time (the Hello Kitty tape was a give-away for my purchase).

The pen hast two white Rilakkuma on it surrounded by sweets like macaron and cakes. 

 This notice pad contains a lot of different printed pages, for example these:

and here are my long awaited stickers I used to decorate my new (used) notebook with. This is the result which I'm really happy about

Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Too late...

Noooo! I missed that once in a lifetime chance to get my last dream dress. It is called "Lady Rose" from the famous brand Angelic Pretty and I would've died to geht the Onepiece but just as I saw it on the new-list on closet child it was already sold for only 18.000 ¥. Goodbye my love...


Welcome to my very own blog.
I'm so glad I've finally manage to create this little one according to my wishes, which took quite some time since I first had trouble with finding the adjustments needed for my Layout. Anyway now it's done and I'm glad I chose Blogger since you have a lot of customizing options.
(So where is my coffee and cake, Jana?)

I've decided to write about everything that comes to mind, things that I'm interested in, for example the japanese fashion called Lolita, music and stuff. Well, today didn't happen anything special so that's it for today. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog from now on. Till next time~