Sonntag, 23. September 2012

2nd week in Heidelberg

Hello dearies,

my last week went by in a flash. It was the first week I had school for 4 days and the real thing started. Monday was the hardest day cause we had school from 8 am to 6 pm but since we had the last 3 hours japanese lessons it was a lot of fun. Luckily on tuesday I only had 3 lessons at noon so I could relax. I also like to cook for myself almost everyday, especially japanese is one of my faves and this week I made soba with mentsuyu sauce and tempura. Yummy!
Since the kitchen was full of steam from frieing, guess I won't do this that often but it was worth the effort.

Now let's switch fast forward to the best of the week - the weekend.
This time I had a lot of visitors (yeey it's so great to have my own apartment). On friday I went out with my friend Hanna from school for a drink in Skylounge. The lounge is on the top floor and the view there is really gorgeous cause you can see almost all of Heidelberg! Of course the cocktails are great, too.
After we finished our drinks, Hanna had to leave to catch her train while I on to the next party with another two friends. All in all I had only 2 hours of sleep that night and was nearly dieing on saturday but I wasn't even able to relax. In the Evening was the Nickelback concert in Frankfurt. It was soooo~ FUCKIN' AWESOME! The best ever!!! 
Daughtry was the opening band
Nickelback <3 <3 <3

Actually I'd like one more day to relax since my weekend was really amazing but also tiring, though I think my wish won't be granted.

Freitag, 14. September 2012

Start of school days in Heidelberg

Hello dearies,

finally the boring days of sitting at home have an end. This week was the start of a new life - or something like that. On monday I had my first day and well it was like every first day in school: we got loooads of information about everything and I also got to meet my new classmates. After that I went off to some cafe with 4 other girls but I realized that they didn't really suit the picture I have of a future friend cause 2 of them were really strange and kinda crazy, one was your average otaku and one was ok.
 After I went home I was a bit worried if they would stick to me from now on - luckily they didn't.
  On the next day we had an english test and you won't believe it but seriously I was enjoying it even though it were 8 pages. After I finished I joined those who were done with the test and we talked about trivial stuff. As we were standing there some other girls, who came down as well, joined us and then 4 of us decided to go for something to eat or drink. It was so much fun talking with them and I was really glad that I got to know them better. I also hope that will be the case in the future.

On wendesday I had the day off since only those who had french and spanish had to write tests and since I only have english and japanese I was off the hook. On thursday I had my first lessons and met the beeest english teacher ever! He's just freakin' cool and the lessons we had went by as if it were only a few minutes. But we also had 'Büroorganisation' which I can't stand it all. It's the most unnessecary subject ever cause at work you won't need it and the worst thing is this will be an important subject in the exam. The teacher was kind, really, but she is speaking so goddamn slow you almost fall asleep. Now try imagining that for 3 hours, you get what I mean?

In the end I still endured it somehow and after school was over I drove home since friday is a day off for me as well while others have french all day long.

Well that was some exciting week, also the first time living alone but I hope I'll get used to it soon even though it's still kinda lonely in the evening but I guess that's normal. So I'm looking forward to next week whatever might happen.

My school is up on the third floor

Freitag, 7. September 2012

Sugita x Suzuken

Hello dearies,

have I ever mentioned that I'm a lot into seiyuu? Guess not so I do it now. Just now I was searching for stuff about Sugita Tomokazu and found these 4 pictures with Suzumura Kenichi. I was half rolling on the floor cause of laughter so I just wanted to share this little enjoyment with you.

Isn't it nice to be an idiot sometimes?!

Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Saturday Night Fever

Hi dearies

it's time for a new entry about my last weekend. Again I went to Stuttgart and again I was with my friend Jana. Here a picture of my outfit - both of us were dressed in black and white.

We went for Sushi at 'Sushi Circle' a really good place for Sushi. Of course I had to choose one of the most expensive plates but it was worth it.
sooo great <3 it was definitely worth the price
After that we visited our favourite lounge '5'. Since I wasn't able to go there on my birthday I decided to enjoy their lovely cocktails next time. I also tried a new cocktail... though it wasn't really my taste but if you don't try you don't know.
At 11pm it was finally time to invade the dancefloor in my fave club 'Village'. To end the night smoothly we went for a final drink at the bar 'Erdgeschoss' and arrived at Jana's home around 4 in the morning. What a great party night even though I was dead tired the whole sunday but it was worth it.
Well, I didn't get much sleep and woke up at 10 since it was too bright in the room without shutters.

For lunch I made some tasty Gyudon or at least I gave my best to make it tasty but I wasn't used to Janas mini-kitchen and old fashioned stove but in the end it turned out alright.

So, that was me weekend.

Freitag, 31. August 2012

Tasty Barbecue / Ero Meet-up

Hello dearies,

last Sunday was another Lolita meet-up and for that day we decided on a motto-meet-up for the first time. The motto was Ero which I like a lot and it was a dream of mine to wear it for a long time. And I was finally able to realize it. One thing we noticed was that when we have a meet-up the food is always a main part of it. This time it was a barbecue we had in one of the members cozy garden and it was really nice and tasty. Thank you again for the great hospitality.
Of course we also took some pictures but inside the light wasn't that good but we still made the best out of it. This one was acutally taken when I put off my shoes and didn't even notice that our photographer pulled the trigger. Ironically it is my fave picture of the day.

Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Korean Cosmetics Part 2

Finallyyyyy~ the second half of my cosmetic order arrived. Well, it was just a lipstick and two tear liners but I've been waiting like forever.

The lipstick from 'Etude House' has a really smooth texture making it easy to apply it but since it's such a strong color you have to be careful not to look like an alarm signal. And isn't the design lovely?!

These are the two tear liners from 'Holika Holika'. I wonder if it is true that they're waterproof but since I'll go party this weekend it's a good way of testing that. Again I got lots of samples but the sheet mask is definitely the most useful thing there.

Oh yeah by the way I tested the eggpore set from Tony Moly and I have to say I'm really  disappointed. Maybe my pores are too small or whatever I don't know but the only thing that works is the peeling effect but there are no signs of removed blackheads. So if you ever think of buying it - DON'T! Rather choose the nose patch.

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

and again it's an award

Hello dearies

again I've received an award from dear Jana

The award is called 'Kinderschuhaward' - children shoe award cause since my blog doesn't have a lot followers yet it still sticks in its children shoes.

  ♦ The Blog isn't allowed to have more than 200 followers!
  ♦ Tell the others about you receiving this award!
  ♦ Post the link to the Blog of the one who nominated you as a thank you!
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Who should get the award:

and the next 3 who see this post :)