Freitag, 31. August 2012

Tasty Barbecue / Ero Meet-up

Hello dearies,

last Sunday was another Lolita meet-up and for that day we decided on a motto-meet-up for the first time. The motto was Ero which I like a lot and it was a dream of mine to wear it for a long time. And I was finally able to realize it. One thing we noticed was that when we have a meet-up the food is always a main part of it. This time it was a barbecue we had in one of the members cozy garden and it was really nice and tasty. Thank you again for the great hospitality.
Of course we also took some pictures but inside the light wasn't that good but we still made the best out of it. This one was acutally taken when I put off my shoes and didn't even notice that our photographer pulled the trigger. Ironically it is my fave picture of the day.

Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Korean Cosmetics Part 2

Finallyyyyy~ the second half of my cosmetic order arrived. Well, it was just a lipstick and two tear liners but I've been waiting like forever.

The lipstick from 'Etude House' has a really smooth texture making it easy to apply it but since it's such a strong color you have to be careful not to look like an alarm signal. And isn't the design lovely?!

These are the two tear liners from 'Holika Holika'. I wonder if it is true that they're waterproof but since I'll go party this weekend it's a good way of testing that. Again I got lots of samples but the sheet mask is definitely the most useful thing there.

Oh yeah by the way I tested the eggpore set from Tony Moly and I have to say I'm really  disappointed. Maybe my pores are too small or whatever I don't know but the only thing that works is the peeling effect but there are no signs of removed blackheads. So if you ever think of buying it - DON'T! Rather choose the nose patch.

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

and again it's an award

Hello dearies

again I've received an award from dear Jana

The award is called 'Kinderschuhaward' - children shoe award cause since my blog doesn't have a lot followers yet it still sticks in its children shoes.

  ♦ The Blog isn't allowed to have more than 200 followers!
  ♦ Tell the others about you receiving this award!
  ♦ Post the link to the Blog of the one who nominated you as a thank you!
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Who should get the award:

and the next 3 who see this post :)

Freitag, 17. August 2012

Korean Cosmetics Part 1

Yaaay yesterday my long awaited order with Korean cosmetics finally arrived after the long wait of 15 days.
Originally I was only looking for a cleaning gel to fight my blackheads on the nose but then I ended up buying not only the egg pore from 'Tony Moly' but also an eyeliner from 'Lioele' and eyeshadow from 'Etude House'. I was really happy that the package did not only contain my ordered products but also a lot of different samples.
I already tried the chin pack and whitening cream which I can recommend to you even though as an european I don't really need any more whitening but the cream makes the skin look really smooth like a porcelain puppet. The chin pack is also nice and useful but it smells kinda weird.
What I can not recommend is the lip tint from 'Etude House'. You have to smear something jelly like on your lips which applies color to them after a few seconds but you still have leftovers of the jelly which you have to rub off. The color doesn't look that nice either.

Now here we have the egg pore set. The eggs look big but the cream is only in the upper part of it. It also says you could grow little plants in it when it's empty but I doubt that you can grow anything in there except cress or one daisy.
This is the Cupcake eye shadow (Menu 3) from 'Etude House'. Isn't it cute? I'm planning to use it tomorrow but it looks really beautiful and shimmers a lot although you can't see it on this picture.

And I'm really pleased with the champagne colored eyeliner from 'Lioele'. It is really smooth and you don't have to use force to apply it like you have to with these "hard" eyeliners which need ages to get useable after you bought them.

Freitag, 10. August 2012

An Awesome Eve on Thursday

Hello dearies

it's time for a new post. Yesterday was such a fun evening. It was really really great. I met my friend Jana and also her friend Mina in Stuttgart to go for some nice dinner. We decided to visit a Tapas restaurant where I ordered meatballs with tomato sauce, olive cream with bread and potato tortillias with sweet pepper sausages - yummy! After enjoying the good food we went to our favourite lounge '5' for some super AWESOME cocktails.

First I had a Cosmopolitan and I tell ya I've never had such a good one ever. When we thought of what to order next, the DJ who stood right next to us recommended a cocktail called 'America'. Since there was raw egg white in there I never would've ordered it myself but then I thought why don't give it a try. Well... I have to say this is the best cocktail I ever had! There is nothing that can compare against it, really.
Here are some pictures of our great evening:

That's the 'America'. Doesn't look special right, but the taste....
Me and Mina
and with Jana